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When it comes to selling your car in Dubai, you will be under a lot of pressure. A great number of websites now allow you to sell your car online. However, it does not mean you can pick any of them and start the selling process blindly. There could be hundreds of companies that buy and sell cars in Dubai, but the biggest challenge for you is going to sell it at the right price. On most occasions, they price your car so low that you prefer keeping it forever overselling it. Here are some of the issues you will face when you want to sell your car in UAE.

Common Issues When You Want to Sell Any Car in Dubai

They Aren’t Buying Your Particular Car

When people sell a used car in Dubai, the biggest challenge is to find someone who buys the particular brand of the car. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc. are the most popular brands, but what if your car does not belong to any of these makes? At We Buy Cars DXB we welcome you to one of our branches no matter which car you have.

They Don’t Price It Right

You are going to face this issue more often than not. They talk at length about how they will make it easy for you to sell your car in Dubai but the disappointment is real when they price it. You will not face such a scenario when you work with We Buy Cars DXB. In fact, one of the reasons our customers keep returning to us is how fairly we price their cars.

They Make Selling a Difficult Process

So, many dealerships don’t even have their websites. If you go to them without an appointment, they might not assist you at all. If you call them before you visit them, their professionals might be busy doing other things and take a long time to serve you. With We Buy Cars DXB we have a no-hassle online valuation process. Fill in the basic information about your car and yourself, and receive a text on your phone about the appointment. In fact, we even call you on the appointment day to confirm your meeting with us.

They Don’t Buy Cars with Loans on Them

One of the easiest ways for many car dealerships to refuse doing business with you is to tell you that there are pending payments on your car and that they don’t buy cars until they have been paid in full. That’s where We Buy Cars DXB goes the extra mile in customer experience. If you still need to make some payments on your car, just come to our brand and say “I want to sell my car” and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Start your car valuation process on our website today or give us a call at 04 2 284 111 to ask any questions that you might have.

What You’re Getting when you Sell any Car in Dubai at We Buy Cars DXB

Of course, you want the fastest, most efficient service at the right price when you’re looking to sell your car in Dubai, and you’re already in the right place!

Let’s say you have a car to sell, and surely, you’re faced with many possibilities and are probably thinking: “How am I going to sell my car for the right price?!”

Here’s your answer:

Some car brands have a higher reselling value than others, and not that many people know how to estimate the right price for your car… At We Buy Cars DXB, we don’t give rough estimations about the price of your car; we hire professionals and experts with years of market precedent and experience who take all valuation factors into consideration to provide you the right price!

Valuation factors in play when you want to sell any used car:

Are the car body and mechanics’ condition excellent, average, or poor?

There’s no doubt that scratches, dents, and a worn-out engine play a vital part in the price when selling any car.

How many miles did it travel?

The mileage on a car can tell much and more about the condition of its engine, axis, and wheels.

What are its options and add-ons?

Automatic transmission, air conditioning, a panoramic moon roof, etc… always add value to the car you want to sell.

Is the car personalized in any way?

Changed color, added speakers, wheels, or spoilers, etc… all that can affect the price of your car.

With us, the valuation is free! You can visit us and get the price of the car you want to sell at any time.

Selling any car with us takes no more than 30 minutes

Selling any car, especially in Dubai, can always take weeks of searching and asking people and agencies to put a price on your car… Here, you don't have to make a hundred calls with potential buyers, post ads on social media, or ask people for the market price on your car… you can sell any car in Dubai in no time!

All you have to do is walk in and say: “I want to sell my car”, and 30 minutes later you’re on your way out with hard cash in your hand and a smile on your face.

If You’re Selling, We’re Buying!

Sell any car despite the model, make, condition, and distance traveled… all that doesn’t matter, we buy any car you want to sell!

And for a hassle-free deal, loans and RTA paperwork aren't your problems anymore! Let an expert have the whole process taken care of and deal with all the paperwork for you so you can walk out with a great deal right away!

That’s why We Buy Cars DXB is the best choice for you when you want to sell your car in Dubai! Certified by RTA and thousands of satisfied customers.

Start your car valuation process on our website today, or give us a call at 04-2284111 to ask any question you might have.

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