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Car trade in Dubai can become a challenge when your vehicle is not in a good shape. Sometimes, the car owner is under the impression that they can sell their car at a good price until a buyer comes and proves them wrong. So, when you are preparing for car trade in Dubai, here are a few things to know that will affect the price of your car or maybe even the whole selling process.

Factors Affecting Your Car Value

The Mileage

The first thing a buyer will look at is the mileage to know how much your car has been used. Keep in mind that tweaking the meter will not work because buyers have other ways to know how much a car has been driven. You have to know that after a certain thousand miles, your car is almost always in need of heavy repairs. The buyers know that if the mileage on your car meter is a lot, your car has been repaired several times.

Interior and Exterior Condition

You might think that getting a new paint job will hide the defects of your used car, but you are wrong. The real car buyers get inside your car, lift the mats, check the upholstery and every nook and cranny to know the interior condition of the car. The more faults they find the lower they value your car.

Mechanical Conditions

Of course, the most important thing is the mechanical condition of the car. If your car leaks fluids, makes funny noises, and does not have a smooth drive, this is going to lead to a rejected deal in most cases. Mechanical condition matters so much because a bad mechanical condition means constant expense in the coming days—something that car owners hate.

Why Your Car Trade Delays

So, when the condition of your car is not the best internally and externally, the buyers are not comfortable making the purchase. In addition to that, they also pay attention to the make and year of the car. Sometimes, they just want to inspect the car closely even when they are not much interested in it. With half-hearted buyers, it is extremely difficult for sellers to convince them to buy their cars. In some cases, your car model is so old that you can’t even find the buyers in the first place.

How We Buy Cars DXB Makes Car Trade in Dubai Possible

This is where We Buy Cars DXB can make the real difference for car sellers. Rather than waiting for the right buyers and constantly negotiating over the condition of your vehicle, how about you just use our no-hassle online car valuation method to find the value of your car? Once you have provided the info, we confirm your appointment and inspect your car for free. We take the burden off your shoulder because we can buy your car regardless of its condition, make, model or finance status. You could bring the oldest, most-driven and rarest car to us and we will still buy it from you. So, stop wasting your efforts on people who take too much time and undervalue your car and sell it to us fast and at a fair price.

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