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We Buy Cars DXB is one of the best places to get cash for cars in Dubai. We have been providing cash for cars for enough years to build trust and credibility in the region. Here are the top reasons why most customers are looking to sell a car for cash in Dubai, pick us.

We Cash Any Car

When someone searches for “cash my car” on the internet, they are bombarded with options, but they face a huge disappointment when the dealership only purchases a handful of makes and models. We Buy Cars DXB is unique in this aspect because we cash any car. You can take a look at the long list of makes and models on our website to know the cars that we can purchase from our customers.

Cash Your Car in UAE within 30 Minutes

There are times when you need to sell your car urgently because you are in need of instant cash. Most of the places purchasing cars will make your situation even more difficult for you when they take days to valuate your car and then handing over the cash. In many cases, they try to push one of the cars in their stock on you because they are not ready to shell out cash. You will face none of that when you visit our branch. If things make sense to you, we can wrap up the selling process within 30 minutes.

Start the Process Online

It can be quite a hassle when you want to cash your car, but you can’t find a window of time to meet the buyers due to a busy schedule. In our case, the cash for cars procedure starts on our website. You can use our fast and no-hassle valuation process by providing the details of your car online. Once you have completed a few easy steps, we send you an SMS to give you the appointment time well in advance before inviting you to our branch.

Sell Your Car to the Trusted People

Before you sell your valuable asset to someone, you have to make sure that they are the right people. You want to avoid frauds as much as possible during the selling procedure. We are an established business in Dubai trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers and certified by RTA.

Sell Even When There’s a Loan on Your Car

Many car dealerships will give you a straightforward no when you try to sell them a car with payments due on it. We like to make things easier for our customers, and so we will also facilitate you when there are payments on your car. So, if you want instant cash for your car that has payments due on it, complete our no-hassle online valuation process and visit our branch as soon as possible.

Turn Your Car into Cash, Whatever It Is!

We proudly say “we cash any car” and mean it! Not anyone who claims they can cash any car would do so... in fact, many people bolt it into their old cars, buckle on their seat belts, and go racing to some buyers thinking “I’m going to cash my car for the right price today” only to come back disappointed when their car gets rejected because of its condition, make, or old model… But with us, you are getting what you are expecting. Come give us a visit and see for yourself, we do not lie to our customers, we bring them in and always give them a fair deal.

Highest Price Possible

We always give our customers the right amount of cash for cars in Dubai because we understand its market as best as possible, depending on the solid expertise of our employees and professionals which are built upon years and years of working in the industry of car trading and their passion for cars, our employees love what they are doing and love to serve the customer as best as they can, because we believe that a satisfied customer is a customer we have for a lifetime and will be back if the service is at its best. And that’s why we buy cars for cash in Dubai’s market for the highest price we can give!

Sell Your Car for Cash in Dubai Smooth and Easy

We worked hard to arrange a really fast and easy way for you to get your deal done with! Starting with an easy to use instant valuation tool that gives you an initial price for the car you want to sell, so you can contact us if you like the initial price and come get your free valuation at our office, sign the contract, cash your car, and walk away a happy customer with a great deal in less than 30 minutes!

It’s all done in 4 simple steps:

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Cash your car!

We Go the Extra Mile

Even when there is paperwork to be done or when you have loans due payment on your car, we are always there to do the dirty work for you and settle all matters that are related to paperwork. All you have to do with We Buy Cars DXB is come in, cash your car, and be on your way in less than 30 minutes, no worries about any undone paperwork and settlements. We love it when our customer leaves with a happy deal!

We believe it’s fair to earn small profits for what we’re doing and value cars justly, we make sure that you get the amount of money that you deserve… Come cash your car in UAE, Dubai, Time Square Center, Basement level… Visit us if you’re looking to get a great deal!

If you have any other questions you have about your car, call us at 04 2 284 111 today.

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